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October 26, 2023

The Society Cigar Returns

After more than a year of testing, tasting, and voting on numerous blends, we're proud to announce that our 2023 La Gloria Cubana Society Cigar is launching early next month! 

We based the 2023 Society Cigar on our community's preference for dark blends and slightly sweet tasting notes. As soon as you light one, you'll discover rich tobaccos from four different countries that deliver a complex experience only the finest minds of the Society could envision. 

This masterpiece wouldn't have been possible without our LGC Society, and we want to thank everyone who poured their input and passion into this one-of-a-kind project. We can't wait to share another piece of our legacy and hear what you think of our second Society Cigar.

Member of the Month

Get to know Tiffany Williams

This month’s Society member, Tiffany Williams, started smoking cigars a few years ago, and her love of the experience has only grown since then.

  • Favorite Cigar

    Spanish Press.

  • Who do you want to smoke with?

    If I could smoke a cigar with anyone, it would probably be with my grandpa. He recently passed, and I never got the opportunity to grab a cigar and just pick his brain about life and family and share my love of cigars with a person who played a major role in the person I am today.


    I remember lighting up my LGC after a long day at the beach. It was just what I needed!

  • Describe LGC in one word


Giveaways That Enhance Your Experience

You deserve the finest smoking experience, from cutting the cigar to enjoying the last puff. This month, we’re giving away an elegant LGC cutter and lighter set that’ll make your smoke break as lovely as the Lady.

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Check out our social giveaway and learn how you can enter for your chance to win!


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