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July 13, 2023

Meet the Lady’s Dark Side

The second offering in our Serie S line takes our original blend to new depths. Sourced from the rich, volcanic soil in the Veracruz region, the Mexican San Andrés wrapper was fermented even further to bring you Serie S Maduro.

On the inside lies a robust mix of Nicaraguan and Dominican tobaccos that simultaneously deliver strength and elegance, but the real treat is the outer layer. The dark San Andrés wrapper is the perfect complement, adding deeper notes of earth, sweet, and leathery spice that take the cigar to a whole new level.

Proudly rolled at the El Credito Factory in the Dominican Republic, La Gloria Cubana Serie S Maduro is meticulously crafted to deliver a rich smoking experience you’re sure to remember long after the final puff.


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Member of the Month

Get to know David Skelton

Introducing David Skelton, our July Society Member of the Month! David is a proud Texan known as @texascigarroadshow on social media and shares his love and knowledge of cigars on Youtube.

  • Favorite Cigar

    2022 LGC Society Cigar

  • How Did you Learn about la Gloria Cubana?

    When I first got into cigars, I bought variety packs to explore brands, and LGC was in one of the packs. It was a Classic Maduro, and it introduced me to bolder cigars.

  • Who do you want to smoke with?

    Arnold Schwarzenegger. I grew up in the '80s lifting weights and participated in the bodybuilding and powerlifting world.


    Participating in the 2022 Testing Lab for the LGC Society Cigar, and knowing I had a hand in what others would be smoking is just too cool.

  • Describe LGC in one word


Shedding Light On Maduro

Maduro wrappers have been a fan-favorite in the industry for years,
but their darkness still carries some mystery.

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The term "Maduro" means "mature" or "ripe" in Spanish and refers to the tobacco's natural fermentation process. Maduro wrappers are created by stacking the tobacco leaves in large piles to generate heat and moisture. It's a long process that converts the starches into sugars, giving Maduro wrappers their dark color.

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Many assume that all Maduro wrappers are strong. However, that's not always the case. They're naturally sweeter, which can mellow out fuller blends and add a new dimension of taste.

Experience the Maduro difference with one of our many blends—La Gloria Cubana Classic, Serie R, and Serie S are available in both natural and Maduro wrappers.

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