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One factory. one hundred artisans. one goal.To craft the most exquisite cigars on the planet.

At La Gloria Cubana, our cigars are unlike any other because of our deep, historical roots in the cigar craft.

At the El Credito factory, our cigar makers aren’t just employees. They’re family.

With generations of experience and knowledge that’s been passed down from father-to-son and mother-to-daughter, our craftsmen and women live, eat, and breathe cigars, because it’s their greatest passion.

And when passion is combined with creativity, you’ll find excellence. That’s exactly what every La Gloria Cubana cigar is about.

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Cigar artisans rolling cigars Cigar artisans rolling cigars

Our Artisans

At La Gloria Cubana, we don’t use the term artisan lightly. All of our cigar craftsmen and craftswomen were raised from humble beginnings in rural Dominican communities where the art and practice of cigars is passed down from generation to generation.

View inside the LGC factory View inside the LGC factory

Our Mindset

At La Gloria Cubana, we pride ourselves on our boutique mindset. This noble heritage stretches back to our origin when our roots were established in Miami’s Little Havana. While our journey has since led us to the Dominican Republic, the current location of the El Credito Factory, the boutique mindset has always stayed with us, and it always will.

Man smoking an LGC cigar Man smoking an LGC cigar

Our Mentors

At La Gloria Cubana, we believe it’s our leadership that determines our success. That’s precisely why every cigar mentor is a highly respected craftsman with a lifetime of experience in the tobacco industry. It’s their knowledge and passion that allows our artisans already impressive talents to be elevated to an entirely new level—the level required to craft La Gloria Cubana cigars.

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