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August 16, 2023

The Society Cigar Scores Again

It’s time to celebrate your success, La Gloria Cubana Society. Our 2022 Society Cigar recently received a 91 rating from Blind Man’s Puff!

Your one-of-a-kind blend certainly impressed, with one reviewer stating “Really liked this cigar. It was complex, with multiple flavors that transitioned well in between thirds. The finish was nice on the palate, leaving you wanting the next draw. I'd pick up this cigar in a minute."

Thank you, LGC Society, for helping us achieve this high rating! We knew your brilliance and passion would bring resounding success, and it’s been an honor to continue working together to craft the upcoming release of the 2023 LGC Society Cigar.

We can’t wait to share this masterpiece, and soon, we’ll be able to sit back and savor our creation.

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Member of the Month

Get to know eric horst

Meet our August Society Member of the Month, Eric Horst! Eric is from Huntsville, AL, and has enjoyed cigars for nearly three decades.

  • Favorite Cigar

    Serie R. That line has such a smooth, sweet flavor I can smoke them anytime.

  • What’s your favorite way to enjoy a cigar?

    Either on a golf course or in a cigar lounge.

  • Who do you want to smoke with?

    I think George Burns would’ve been fun to smoke with.


    I have been able to enjoy them all around the world while I was in the military. I got to see mountains, beaches, and cities. All great memories!

  • Describe LGC in one word


Go Behind the Blend: Cigar Anatomy

A cigar is far more than tasty tobacco leaves rolled together. Each leaf plays an important role beyond the flavor profile.

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At the center of every blend are filler tobaccos. Fillers are typically made up of multiple tobacco leaves and can deliver a uniform taste or intensify a cigar’s complexity. For instance, our Serie R Esteli is a Nicaraguan puro that keeps a consistent flavor, while the filler in our Medio Tiempo features a four-country blend, giving it a dynamic experience with a wide range of tasting notes.

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After the filler tobacco is bunched, it’s rolled into the binder. The binder is crucial in determining the burn rate and structure of a cigar. Thicker binder leaves lead to a slower, more even burn, while thinner leaves tend to burn faster.

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Lastly, the binder and filler tobaccos are rolled into the wrapper, which can determine up to 60% of a cigar’s taste. It’s one of the first things you’ll notice when selecting a smoke, so we ensure our wrappers are smooth, consistent in color, and blemish-free. Because of this, our wrappers require the most attention throughout their journey from seed to cigar.

Every LGC cigar is crafted to bring the best out of every layer. Do you know what’s rolled into your favorite smoke? You can explore each LGC blend by clicking on the cigar on our website!

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