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July 03, 2024

Experience the Embodiment
of Expertise

Our legacy wouldn’t exist without the talented artisans behind each blend. To honor them and show our appreciation, we developed a cigar that highlights their skill, passion, and commitment to the craft. 

The new Gran Legado—meaning “Great Legacy” in Spanish—was created at the El Credito Factory in the Dominican Republic by 20 of our most seasoned rollers and bunchers. Each member involved is a certified expert with 15+ years of experience working with La Gloria Cubana.

Hear from a few of the artisans behind the blend. 

Taking inspiration from the popularity and success of Serie R Maduro, we wanted Gran Legado to boast a richer, fuller taste. To achieve this, we hand-selected higher primings of tobacco where the leaves receive more sun and nutrients. On the outside, you’ll find a bold Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro wrapper, perfectly encasing a complex mix of Nicaraguan and Dominican tobacco. The result is a balanced 7.75 x 62 Perfecto with deep notes of cocoa, leather, and coffee.



To further celebrate the expertise of our artisans, each cigar is
adorned with the signature of the team member who crafted it, making
Gran Legado by La Gloria Cubana the ultimate embodiment of excellence.

Gran Legado will be available in stores soon, so keep an eye out at your local retailer to experience this limited edition masterpiece.

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Celebrate our expert
rollers and our legacy with the new Gran Legado

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