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December 21, 2023

Give the Gift of LGC

The holiday season has arrived, making it the perfect occasion to treat the cigar enthusiast in your life to a moment with La Gloria Cubana. 

Finding a blend that perfectly suits their palette can be challenging, so we compiled a list of cigars that are sure to impress any cigar fan.

You can find more information on each blend on our website.

Member of the Month

Get to Know Lee Delaney

This month’s Society member, Lee Delaney, might be our most passionate fan yet. He’s been a fan of La Gloria Cubana since the beginning and enjoys his cigars the Kentucky way—with a nice glass of bourbon.

  • Favorite Cigar


  • How did you learn about La Gloria Cubana?

    I found out about LGC in the early days of Cigar Aficionado and the ‘90s cigar boom when the Classic got a high rating. I found the cigar at a local tobacconist and have been a HUGE La Gloria Cubana fan ever since.

  • Who do you want to smoke with?

    My maternal grandfather and my father-in-law. Both are now deceased. I’d like to spend time with them and have them meet each other. They were great men in my life.


    My children were little when I began smoking, and I would order my cigars to be delivered via mail. One day, my son mentioned that he saw the cigar man. I didn’t understand who he was talking about until he said, “You know, the cigar man. The guy in the big, brown truck that brings your cigars.” I found it hilarious, and the “cigar man” still stops by regularly.

  • Describe LGC in one word


2023: The Year of Gratitude, Success, and Growth

The celebration of a new year is an excellent time to slow down, light a cigar, and reflect. As 2023 comes to a close, let’s take a look back at our accomplishments.

  • Serie R No. 8 Maduro launch - February
  • Released our first Society newsletter - February
  • 2022 Society Cigar received a 91 rating from Blind Man’s Puff - April
  • Serie S received a 94 rating from Blind Man’s Puff - May
  • TAA Exclusive launch - June
  • Serie S Maduro launch - July
  • 2023 8th Street launch - September
  • Hosted our first Society Dinner - October
  • Selección Suprema launch - October
  • 2023 Society Cigar launch - November
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Thank you for your constant support and feedback! From trying new launches to helping us create the latest Society Cigar, you’ve helped our brand grow into what it is today. We can’t wait to continue our legacy together and celebrate what’s to come in 2024! 

If you haven’t already, join the La Gloria Cubana Society for future opportunities to connect with other fans, attend special events, and much more.

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