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March 15, 2023

Honoring Humble Roots

The La Gloria Cubana name has been recognized in the cigar industry for decades, and while we’ve crafted many great blends, the cigar that put us on the map remains a fan favorite years later. 

La Gloria Cubana Classic was first crafted in Miami’s Little Havana in 1972 at the El Credito cigar factory located on Calle Ocho. The blend wasn’t a focus for the company until cigarmaker Ernesto Perez-Carrillo Jr. took over in 1980. Perez-Carrillo Jr. was a skilled and passionate craftsman who learned the business from his father and knew the potential this cigar held. 

In 1992, Cigar Aficionado featured the LGC Classic in one of its first issues, giving the harmonious blend a 90 rating. The cigar quickly gained a loyal following and began outselling other well-known brands. What started as a boutique cigar eventually grew into a national brand and is now crafted at the El Credito factory in the Dominican Republic.

Fifty years after its creation, the LGC Classic continues to earn praise, as it claimed the 24th spot on Cigar Aficionado’s Top 25 Cigars of 2022! Although La Gloria Cubana continues to grow, we’ll always stay true to our roots and carry on the passion and craftsmanship that got us where we are today.


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Member of the Month

Get to know Paul Cook

Meet our March LGC Society Member of the Month! Paul is from Saugus, MA, and has admired La Gloria Cubana’s craft for quite some time.

  • Favorite Cigar

    Classic, in a Corona Gorda.

  • How Did you Learn about la Gloria Cubana?

    I went into a cigar shop, and the owner was smoking an LGC, so I decided to try them. It was the Classic in a Corona Gorda, and at the time, they were still rolled in Miami. I fell in love with them and have been smoking LGCs ever since.

  • Who do you want to smoke with?

    I’d have to say John F Kennedy because he’s such a big part of our Boston history, and I would love to hear his war stories.


    Our family went on a Disney Cruise, and at one of the stops, I grabbed some cigars—one being an LGC. While the kids were away doing an activity on the ship, my wife and I sat on the top deck, and I lit that up, enjoying every single puff while looking at the stars and enjoying quiet time with my wife.

  • Describe LGC in one word


A masterpiece, made by the best

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In January, we selected a few of our Society members to test sample blends for our 2023 Society Cigar. After smoking each blend, they completed a survey revealing their cigar preferences.

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Over half of the respondents want a full-bodied cigar with a dark Maduro wrapper that delivers a richer, more nuanced flavor. The survey also revealed that Toro and Robusto are the most popular sizes, and respondents prefer leather, cocoa, and cream tasting notes.


We want to thank the Society members who’ve participated in the process! Stay tuned for more news on the LGC Society Cigar 2023, to be released in the second half of the year. 

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