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Serie R Esteli Maduro


Light Medium Full

Tasting Notes

A rich, medium to full-bodied smoke with spice and coffee notes and a nutty, floral character


Connecticut Broadleaf





Frontmarks / Sizes

  • No. 64 6 14 x 64
  • No. 60 6 x 60
  • No. 54 6 x 54
Serie R Esteli Maduro Hero Image

About La Gloria Cubana Serie R Esteli Maduro

Rolled in the town that bears its name, Serie R Esteli Maduro is crafted with the same Nicaraguan-forward blend as the original but wrapped in a rich, oily Connecticut Broadleaf. Within the first few puffs, you’ll discover a smoke that's full in strength, deep in sweetness, and brimming with nutty notes and enticing spiciness.


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