2022 Society Cigar Hero Image


2022 Society Cigar Stick Image

Limited Edition

2022 Society Cigar


Light Medium Full

Tasting Notes

A medium to full-bodied blend loaded
with smooth notes of cream, leather,
coffee, and nuts.


Honduran Olancho San Augustín


Honduran Jamastran


Honduran Jamastran, Honduran La Entrada

Frontmarks / Sizes

2022 Society Cigar Hero Image

About The 2022 La Gloria Cubana Society Cigar

We’re honored to have some of the most passionate fans in the industry and wanted to craft a cigar that celebrates them. We decided the best way to express our gratitude was to have the community create their very own blend. 

The 2022 La Gloria Cubana Society Cigar was made with input from over 2,000 of our LGC Society members. Together, we selected everything from the profile to the packaging. The result is a rich Honduran puro that’s full of slightly sweet, nutty notes.

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